Below you will for group and topic assignment for this project. You must work with your group in order to receive the group collaboration grade. You’ll notice that one person is italicized in each group – they are the “wiki master” and will be in charge of logging into the wiki space.

Group One- John Steinbeck: His Life and Times
Robyn Somers
Kendra Nicholls
Cara Schiavone
Natalie Jones

You should cover…
1. Birth Information
2. Parents & Family
3. Birth Place
4. Education
5. Marriage/Children
6. Literary Works
7. Good resources:

Group Two- Migrant Workers
Jenna Forrester
Mary Patterson
Elise Ashford
Morgan Buchas

You should cover…
1. What were migrant farm workers?
2. Research migrant farm workers
3. How did migrant farm workers survive?
4. Good resources:

Group Three- The Dust Bowl Years
Austin Isaac
Adrian Reitars
Griffin Spence
Nick Peoples

You should cover…
1. A background into the time period. When was is it and why?
2 Research what the Dust Bowl Years were
3. How they impacted society
4.Why there was a great migration during this time period.
5. Good resources:

Group Four-The Great Depression
Natasha Sawicikij
Santina Schiaretta
Rebecca Young
Jade Hennessey

You should cover…
1. What was it?
2. When? (What years?)
3. Why did it happen? (the causes)
4. How did it effect society?
5. Good resources:

Group Five- African Americans and Women during the 1930’s
Theresa Gulla
Colleen Grogan
Emily Kasarda
Christine Lee

You should cover…
1. Research how African Americans were treated during this time period.
2. Research how women were treated during this time period.
3. Good resources:

Group Six- The Setting: Of Mice and Men
Olivia Durkin
Olivia Reichley
Abbey Cerciello

You should cover…
  1. What are the geographical features of California’s Salinas River Valley?
  2. What is the Salinas Valley known as?
  3. What kinds of jobs are available there?
  4. What was John Steinbeck’s relationship to the Salinas Valley?
  5. Identify specific locations relevant to Of Mice and Men?
  6. Good resources:

Group Seven- Mercy Killings/Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia
Drew Schell
Matt Watkins
Mike Figler

You should cover….
1. What is this?
2. Examples in history….
3. How have individuals justified the taking of human life through mercy killing/assisted suicide?
4. Good Resources: