Gordon Wikispace/Vodcast Project

This is a project that will combine the internet, wiki's, podcasts, and English class. If you haven't bee n able to experience these four things together than you haven't lived ☺ Prior to reading Romeo & Juliet, you and your group members will be given topics that will give you the necessary background information you need in order to fully comprehend the text. The different topics will let everyone see the book from a different point of view and with different background knowledge.

• Create a podcast with sound, pictures, music etc… on your topic.
• Develop a wiki space that will contain the podcast that you created on your topic.
• The wiki site should also have information and questions on the topic. (This should be a supplement to your podcast information)
• Submit a “study guide” with questions for assessment

1. You will be broken into groups of 2, 3, or 4.
2. A topic will be assigned to you by Mrs. Gordon.
3. Gather resources, pictures, music etc… for your topic
4. Post information pertaining to your topic on your wiki page.
5. Develop a script for your podcast
6. Create a podcast on your topic
7. Post the podcast on your wiki page.
8. Keep only relevant information on your wiki page
9. Create 10 questions related to your topic and post them on the bottom of your wiki. (Submit the questions to Mrs. Gordon in a word document for study guide distribution)

Podcast- This will be presented in class. (40 points) Rubric Attached
Wiki site (50 points) Rubric Attached
Study Guide (10 points)
Collaborative group work (25 points) Scored individually based on my observations

This project will give you all of the background knowledge you need to understand Of Mice and Men. As a class, the study guides you create will be used as a study guide for both your in class assessment and your final!